Redeeming Love FAQs

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“How can I support Rebirth Homes?”

  •  Volunteer, Pray for the ministry, Join our Guardian Team by donating monthly to Rebirth Homes.

“What are the differences between Redeeming Love and Rebirth Homes?”

  •  Redeeming Love and Rebirth Homes are very similar in their mission of reaching survivors of human trafficking and providing a place for healing for them.   Overall there are very few differences between the two organizations.

“Where are the women from Redeeming Love going?”

  • Currently, there is no one at the residential home at Redeeming Love as the home was closed in 2019.  Rebirth Homes is receiving referrals from Redeeming Love.

“I sponsored an event that supports Redeeming Love, where is that money going?”

  • Unless otherwise decided upon, that money will go to Rebirth Homes, please call (951) 313-8220 for further questions.

“How do I contact Rebirth Homes?”

 “How do I follow?”

“How can I help women at the home?”

  • To make a donation, go to then go to the Donate button, or make a purchase through our Amazon Smile. 

Press release can be found here:

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