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Residential Program

If you have a potential applicant you would like to refer to our long-term residential program, please take a moment and fill out the form below.


Image by Hannah Busing

Rebirth Homes is a non-profit that provides homes for survivors of human trafficking. Our program includes comprehensive wrap-around services including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing as well as life-skill training. Our program has six phases and the duration of the program is up to 2 years. Each woman who enters our program sets individual goals, and we journey with her to help her achieve them. Through a community of support and comprehensive services, we see life transformation and women become who they were created to be. Our four elements of freedom through love are: 


As a faith-based program, we believe that faith should never be forced on someone and we live out our faith through love and consistency. Daily, we have Circle Time and have a time of gathering together to encourage one another. Weekly, we attend church and Bible studies.


Physical healing is provided through partnership with local medical professionals. Medical issues are a priority for survivors and Rebirth Homes prioritizes medical and dental care for women entering our program. 


We provide trauma-informed professional counseling to each program participant. Individual counseling and therapy groups are provided on a weekly basis and curriculum such as coping skills, boundaries and Ending the Game are covered during the Healing Phase of the program.

Life Skills

While at Rebirth Homes, women are given the opportunity to learn domestic and basic life-skills, resume building, job-readiness training, and continuing education.

Community Outreach

Rebirth Homes provides community training about human trafficking. Courses include Human Trafficking 101, Mentor Training, Labor Training, The Recruitment Process, Trauma-Informed Care and other trainings. Since 2014, Rebirth Homes has trained over 50,000 people on the realities of human trafficking and how to get involved in ending human trafficking. Check out our events page and social media to see when training is happening. If you want to schedule a training, please contact us at

Image by Vonecia Carswell

Social Enterprise

We launched Freedom Shop in 2020 where survivor-made products are sold. Through the Social Enterprise, Rebirth Homes provides employment to women in the Residential Program where job skills are developed and strengthened while providing participants with an income. To support our Social Enterprise, please visit our Etsy Shop Here.

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