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The vision for Rebirth Homes started in 2008 when founder Debbie Martis heard the staggering statistic that 27 Million people are enslaved around the world. After years of prayer, Debbie was moved to action. In 2012, God gave her the vision to find homes that have been abandoned, rebuild them and use them for lives to be redeemed. Rebirth Homes started in 2013 as an organization that is focused on providing homes to victims of human trafficking.

Rebirth Homes not only provides homes for Human Trafficking victims but also a holistic healing approach that focuses on spiritual, physical, emotional and mental healing. The program is 24 months and is based on the premise that Christ is the source of redemption and through him, we can be healed.

Debbie Martis

Debbie Martis is the CEO & Founder of Rebirth Homes. She has a Master’s in Business Administration focused in Business Administration and Management, General from the University of Redlands. Debbie developed the vision to remodel abandoned homes after she heard the staggering statistics about human trafficking in 2008. Guided by her faith-led vision, Debbie set out in 2012 to provide homes for human trafficking victims in an effort to promote spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental healing. Now, she continually works to both engage others in the mission of Rebirth Homes and spread awareness of the issue of human trafficking in her community. Outside of Rebirth Homes, Debbie enjoys hiking, prayer, walking, going to the beach, and having fun with her family.

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