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Freedom Store: Free as a Dancing Flame

By Gretchen Bartels

For the survivor of sex trafficking, the healing journey is not only about emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual healing, though each of these elements are important. Finding vocational opportunities is also an essential part of the healing process, and at Rebirth Homes, we are so excited to provide survivors of sex trafficking new job opportunities. In the summer of 2020, we launched our social enterprise—the Freedom Shop—on Etsy.

In our online store, you’ll find a range of exciting soy candles in a variety of scents that have been handcrafted by survivors of human trafficking. For a summer scent, try Apple Mango, Jamaica Me Crazy, or Tropical Vacation, which is my current favorite.

Apple Spice will fill your home with the delicious smells of autumn and apple pie fresh from the mountains. If you’re already looking forward to a festive holiday season, Home for the Holidays, Pine Forest, and Cozy Winter are the perfect candles to light for Christmas in July or to order now and save for December. Or, try one of our fresh-scented candles like Lavender, Fresh Linen, or Floral Bouquet.

The Freedom Shop not only provides financial support for survivors to heal, it also gives these women space to showcase their creativity and their amazing God-given talents. Instead of being sold by traffickers, these survivors are finding their confidence through producing candles and pieces of art and through learning entrepreneurial skills. You’ll find our candles, jewelry, and crocheted blankets at:

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