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Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January is officially human trafficking awareness month and it’s a great time to learn more about the truths of human trafficking and teach others about it.

Below are 10 truths about human trafficking and Rebirth Homes:

  1. Human trafficking is happening in every state in the US (source: The Polaris Project). In many cases it is hidden in plain sight. The documentary In Plain Sight shares insight into trafficking in the US.

  2. Most victims of trafficking are first trafficked by a family member, friend, spouse or loved one.

  3. Over 80% of victims are first trafficked between the ages of 12-14 (source: The Polaris Project). Keep in mind truth number 2 that indicates trafficking predominantly happens by someone who knows the victim and is trusted or an authority figure.

  4. Homelessness is connected to trafficking. Women living on the streets are more likely to be trafficked due to vulnerability.

  5. Rebirth Homes is the only ministry in Riverside County offering a long-term comprehensive residential program for survivors. Our program focuses on healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Every night spent in our program is a night off of the streets and out of the life of trafficking.

  6. Since 2018, Rebirth Homes has connected 150+ survivors with resources, housing, counseling, life-skill training and/or employment.

  7. The journey of healing for survivors is a life-long process similar to peeling back the layers of an onion. The healing process goes layer by layer. Complex trauma takes a long time to heal from and a holistic healing approach addresses each area of our human design.

  8. Rebirth Homes has two residential programs that are free of charge to survivors:

    1. Our long-term healing program lasts 2 years and is focused on healing and employment along with education. In this program we offer counseling, therapeutic groups, life-skills training, and part-time employment after 90 days.

    2. Our transitional program provides housing and some support for survivors who are working and/or attending school. Survivors pursuing a degree full-time are able to stay in this program until completion of it. To be eligible for this program, completion of a healing program is required.

  9. In our long-term residential program, we provide 12 classes per week for our program participants. Classes are facilitated or taught by community partners such as the Grove Counseling Center and CBU School of Nursing or by staff. These classes focus on areas such as health, financial management, coping skills, boundaries and other areas. The goal of these classes is to equip participants with needed skills to be strengthened and sustained long term.

  10. Rebirth Homes is funded through the generosity of our donors and private grants. As a faith-based organization, we want to ensure that our programming is free to share Biblical truths and the hope of Christ with each person we journey with.

If you have a company or have an area of expertise and would like to teach a class, we would love to connect with you. The commitment for our teachers is one hour per week for 3 months.

Please contact us at to connect with us.

God bless you,


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