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Participant Spotlight: An Inside Look at Rebirth Homes

At Rebirth Homes, the privacy of our participants is essential for the healing process and also for their safety in many cases, but we also know that their voices and their experiences are so important, and we are delighted to anonymously share with you a special article spotlighting our participants using responses from a number of our current participants.

Favorite Things about Rebirth Homes and Skills Learned

When asked about their favorite things about Rebirth Homes and the skills they have learned here, the resounding answer was that feeling loved and supported is what the women in our program appreciate the most. One participant noted “I love how we are all one big happy family and whenever anyone is feeling down, we give hugs and words of encouragement.” Another thread was the opportunities for growth Rebirth Homes provides. One participant was thankful for “the opportunity of self-discovery to become a better me and the time to heal and grow within the program,” and another described how her time in the program was enhancing her relationship with God, giving her a constant support system, and providing wise counsel.

The participants also described a range of skills they are learning in the program including coping mechanisms, patience, self-love, cleanliness, and “being able to open up and talk about things, without the fear of not being believed or judged.”

Challenges and Things They Want their Rebirth Family to Know about the Life

Our participants also face a number of challenges, and prayer is so powerful in supporting these women. Some of the challenges the participants shared with me are forgiving their abusers, realizing that healing takes time, and building self-love and patience. One participant asked for prayer for her faith: “Having faith has been a struggle for me, just trusting the process, prayers for me that I continue to grow closer to God.” Another noted that the progression of the Rebirth program is challenging. She knows the stages are in place for a good reason, but it’s difficult to go through stage by stage.

When asked if there’s anything they would like to share about the life with their Rebirth family, the major theme was the way being trafficked is numbing to the soul and the challenges this creates for survivors when they find a safe space. One participant shared, “When you’re in the life you almost become numb and detached from your true self. When you get out of the life, the feelings come back 10 times stronger so healing is difficult.” Another wanted to share that being trafficked is not a choice and that it affects you for a long time. The participants also gave a message of hope for those who are considering joining the program, saying “at Rebirth you don’t get judged” and “Just know that if you enter into Rebirth Homes you are going to feel SAFE because you are in the presence of good people and GOD who will not let any harm come to you here.”

Dreams for the New Year

Trauma keeps us trapped in the past, and facing that past is part of the process but so is dreaming of the future. When asked about dreams for the next year, our participants shared dreams of emotional and mental stability through growth and healing, dreams to pursue a college degree in social work at Cal State San Bernardino, dreams to buy a car, and dreams “to be able to say I forgive my abusers so that I can heal myself from within, with the help of God and everyone at Rebirth Homes.”

You are making such a big impact in the lives of the survivors at Rebirth Homes! The participants also wanted to share that they “love the notes, backpacks and gift cards. It’s nice to feel loved and thought of.” Another survivor wanted to share “This has been a great experience for me glad I’ve been given the opportunity to grow with Rebirth Homes.” Thank you for making this life-change possible through your prayers, volunteering, and donations!

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