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Leadership is Key

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

According to Dr. John Maxwell, everything in an organization rises and falls based on its leadership. At Rebirth Homes, we take that advice to heart by investing in our leadership, particularly in our board of directors. As a faith-based organization, Rebirth Homes is committed to joining God on mission, and it is critical for us as leaders to stay the course and not lose sight of what God has called us to.

Rebirth Homes is blessed with our amazing board of directors who volunteer their time to provide leadership and oversight to the ministry. The work the Rebirth Homes board of directors does is so often behind the scenes, so I wanted to take time this month to celebrate that work and to share a little bit about our board of directors. Let me introduce you to our board:

Lynette A. has served on the board of directors as one of the founding officers. She has served faithfully and been a tremendous blessing to Rebirth Homes.

Dena H. joined the Rebirth Homes board in 2020. She previously served on the Redeeming Love board before the organization was absorbed by Rebirth Homes.

Anne R. has served on the board since 2021. Anne and her husband Byron hosted our first Rebirth Homes Fall Gala.

Lynette S. joined the board in May 2023. She has been a supporter of Rebirth Homes for the past four years and has helped with events.

Heather S. joined the board in 2020. She previously served on the Redeeming Love board before the organization was absorbed by Rebirth Homes.

I love to collaborate with others and work together as a team to accomplish whatever God has for us. As this leadership team navigates the future of Rebirth Homes, will you please keep us in your prayers? Also, will you please pray for our board retreat on 9/15-9/17?

To best lead our organization, the board of directors is looking to expand. Specifically, we would love to see an attorney and a pastor or ministry leader join our board to further develop the important perspectives represented in leadership. We also continue to pray for future board members, and invite you to join us in praying over those who will join our board as well.

There are so many ways to serve at Rebirth Homes, and committees are a wonderful way for volunteers to fight human trafficking and invest in freedom for survivors. Currently, we are seeking volunteers to serve on both our Finance Committee and our Development Committee.

If you feel led to apply for our board or serve on a committee, please email for more information.

God bless you,


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