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Survivor to Thriver

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

As you know, Rebirth Homes exists to combat human trafficking through education, awareness and by providing a residential, holistic healing program for survivors of human trafficking. Each woman who enters our program sets individual goals and we journey with her to help her achieve them. Through a community of support and comprehensive services, we see life transformation and women become who they were created to be.

One of these examples comes from the story of a beloved graduate who is now a Rebirth employee. She shared about her experience, "I remember when I came through the doors of Rebirth for the first time– I was really scared. I had been in other programs but never finished and I was a runner when things got uncomfortable for me, such as change. I wouldn’t stick around. Rebirth Homes showed me so much love and grace I did not know how to accept. My own family never showed me the love that I was given here. I am still amazed at how much I changed. And God has been with me through my whole journey at Rebirth. Going through the program was not easy for me. I had a lot of stuff I needed to change within myself, and at Rebirth, I was able to do that. Today I have over 2 years of clean time”.

We believe these stories of incredible resilience and hope are so important for everyone to receive and reflect upon as trafficking is the reality for over 40 million people around the world. This employee said in closing, “I am working in the program house today. And for so long I have wanted to know how to love and receive love and now I am able to show love and grace to the participants. I can say Rebirth Homes is my family and I thank God for my transformation and how God used Rebirth Homes to make it possible. And I am in such aww that I finished the program”. Please join us in thanking God for this wonderful graduate’s healing and pray as she continues forward as a thriver.

We are so proud of all of our participants who make the very courageous and scary decision to choose healing. Though it may seem as the "obvious" choice for victims and survivors of human trafficking, it is not. This is not an easily made decision as there are many layers involved; some of which being complex trauma, survival/vulnerability, high likelihood of relapse & much more. Joining the fight against trafficking and helping survivors like the graduate mentioned above may sound intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Freedom fighting does not imply that one must suddenly switch careers and launch a nonprofit. That is the story for some but most definitely not for all. Like Christine Caine, A21 Chief Advocate, states, "No one person can do everything but every one of us can do something". Every person can do something with the resources, personal platform and opportunities granted to them.

Here are some practical ways to join freedom fighting:

- Spread awareness

Word of mouth is still, to this day, one of the most powerful tools to spread a message. Do not underestimate the affect sharing about the realities of human trafficking can have amongst coworkers, family & community. We encourage you to equip yourself with the facts about trafficking and to share with others!

Along with word of mouth, most everyone has social media these days. There are plenty of freedom fighting organizations and accounts found on these platforms. Like us! It only takes a few seconds to share a post on your story or create a personal post yourself.

- Know the signs

Learn the red flags and indicators of trafficking. Understand the common myths and replace with facts. This helps debunk widespread false beliefs about human trafficking and replace with truth. It may seem tempting at times to devalue the impact our words have, but our words matter!

- Donations

This has multiple forms. The donation of money is always a need for anti-trafficking, as for example, our program is free of charge to the participants. Along with this, the donation of clothing, home essentials, groceries & personal hygienic products are always extremely helpful.

Our annual Fall Gala is a great way to donate to the cause as all of the ticket purchases and funds from the night go to our long-term healing program for survivors.

- Volunteer Locally

Ask anti-trafficking organizations in your community how you can support them. Perhaps they need volunteers or you could help with an awareness event. Rebirth Homes is always looking to have more volunteers! It takes a village.

- Think before you shop

Consider how you shop and eat. Who made your clothes? Who prepared your food? Know which goods may be produced by child or forced labor. This takes minimal effort as the internet has made information easily accessible.

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